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Our mini free library exchange


Inspired by an initiative, by book-lovers of all ages, in Europe and the United States, we wanted to create our own community free mini library.  We have called it the “Mini Bieb”, (the Dutch name for this mini “Bibliotheek”)

With many public libraries closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we think these book-sharing boxes are more important than ever. 

Wouldn’t it be great to see our German and American neighbors (including kids) share their favorite books with each other?  We also believe, it will bring our little community closer together and perhaps will lead to a sharing of recipes (on our Blog or Forum), or perhaps even (small) toys. The Website is created in English and we also created a German version on MiniBibliothek.de

Æbe And Mieke

Our Services

We provide for FREE magazines, books, and other reading material in our MiniBieb. We provide Dutch books on request, but most of the time English books and Magazines. Beside that we provide also German magazines. If you have any, then let us know so we can place it in as well.

How it works ?

How is this working ? Simple, if you like a book then you take it. And if by any change you have a book that you want to place back then you can do it. But you do not have to do it !

Rules ?

Yes, we have some rules for MiniBieb.com :

1. We do not place the books there for you to take them to sell them, or making in any way a profit from it.

2. Our stamp will be in the books
that we will provide. Just to let others know what we do.

3. Do NOT place adult content in our MINIBIEB as kids look in here as well !


Private Guide

When you use our website / forum then you understand that we can use your email to contact you, if you provide us your email.

Location manager

Our MiniBieb is located in Niedermohr.

Ask around and you will see it 🙂

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