The Minibieb is working!

The minibieb is working!


You always have to wait to see if something that you create will work.  For sure if you also depending on others to help you with your idea.


When starting with the MiniBieb, what is a free library where you can get books (And yes, you can keep them of bring them back) I had to wait and see if it would work.


And it did. New books are coming in. And people take them out. I love it.


I placed this week some light in it, so if it is dark you can still see the books. Because of the season I let it now change some colors.  After the season I will use the white light.


Hope you like is as I do.  We also get already some German books, and love that as well. As it is for all the people here. Children big and small, but also for adults.


Check what you have, and if there is space lay it in our minibieb.



Æbe & Mieke



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